Beneficiaries - Nga uri o nga tupuna

The beneficiaries of the Trust are nga uri o nga Tupuna, being the lineal descendants of Nga Tupuna. They directly descend from one of the 251 Tupuna as recorded in the scheduled owners list in the Native Land Court, 27 July 1891. 


The Order for this Schedule was made at the Maori Appellate Court on the 27 July 1891 at MB 11 Northern 45-48 determining the owners of the then Te Ti Block as being the 251 persons recorded under the heading "Schedule of Owners".

Beneficiary Communication & Consultation

To remain accountable to the beneficiaries the Board aim to be a transparent organisation. This is achieved by adopting clear policies and procedures and delivering disclosure of information to beneficiaries while respecting the confidentiality of contractual obligations and commercially sensitive information.

The formal communication between the Board and the beneficiaries of the Trust shall be through:

  • ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS where beneficiaries have the ability to ask relevant questions and give their opinions to relevant information provided within the annual reports
  • TUPUNA WHANAU REPRESENTATIVE HUI which are held regularly throughout the year

Tupuna Whanau Representatives will be chosen by the whanau of the Tupuna.

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