In 1830, land was sold to the Church Mission Society by the following Chiefs of which Te Tii was a part of: Kimokimo, Te Kemara, Marupo, Te Tao, Te Arupiro, Te Pahiko, Te Akai Pikitia, Parangi and Te Wera. R eportedly Te Kemara, Hone Heke, Te Haratua, Marupo, Te Hepetahi, Te Pua, Whiorau and Makoare also sold Waitangi land to the Church Mission Society much later on.

Archdeacon Henry Williams gifted back 81 acres to Te Kemara and to the Hapu of Ngati-Rahiri in 1839 as a Reserve for tribal purposes and to keep them near the Mission Church. That hapu being uri from Te Kemara, Marupo, Haratua, Te Tao, Whiorau, Heta Tuhirangi, Hone Heke, Makoare, Te Hepetahi, Mahikai, Peia, Parangi, Te Pua and Hori Pou.

The available block narrative (Maori Land Court records) indicates that the Te Tii Block (81 acres) was partitioned in 1890 and 1918, this included the naming of 251 persons as being the registered owners of the block. On April 15 1954, Te Tii B Trust registered at Auckland. The area concerned being 45 acres, 1 rood and 15 perches with approximately 500 beneficiaries registered. The appointed trustees were Hone Heke Rankin, Eru Moka Pou, Pereri Waharoa Tane, Henare Te Nana, Makere Joyce and Hamiora Maioha.

Later, Te Tii (Waitangi) B3 Trust created and formerly separated from Te Tii A (Marae), becoming the new entity responsible for and to manage the businesses on behalf of its beneficiaries, these currently being 42 residential houses, 6 kaumatua/kuia flats, 1 residential leased property, 4 commercial accommodation operations and a commercial retail arrangement.

It is worth noting however, and as a reminder to us all, that the Marae and the Te Tii B3 Trust beneficiaries are one and the same.

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